COMPOUND WORDS Snowman Puzzles for 3rd, 4th, or 5th Grade

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Snowman puzzles are a great way to bring engaging, hands-on literacy fun into your 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade classroom or homeschool. Let your students master compound words with these great puzzles.

The puzzle is a PDF download. You will NOT be able to edit or modify the snowman. The download itself is a zip file.


  • One snowman puzzle (13 pieces ) with 18 different compound words to match to the two words that make it - each with an easy version where the words face the same direction and a harder option were the words face each other
  • No prep options of every puzzle
  • Two editable rubrics


  • ELA centers
  • Review
  • Worksheet or coloring sheet alternatives
  • as a Winter Craftivity
  • as a Literacy Supplement to a snowman reading book

These work great with your third, fourth, or fifth graders in the classroom or homeschool. They also work in the special education classroom where a focus of perseverance is needed.

Thank you for your interest! Please ask any questions you may have prior to purchasing.

~Heather aka HoJo~