Animal Cell Magic Square Puzzles

These Animal Cell Magic Square Puzzles are perfect for reinforcing or review of basic science terms. Use them with any grade level where you teach

These are great for science review, extension, extra practice, test prep, and more. They provide a great way to get students a hands-on, engaging critical thinking game for extra practice. Plus this is a quick and easy way to provide meaningful learning that meets the needs of your science students.


  • Two PDF puzzles where students match the animal cell terms to the definition
    • FOUR versions each PDF puzzle above
  • One PDF Puzzle where students match the animal cell term to the picture
    • FOUR versions the PDF puzzle above

Please look at the images to see the terms, definitions, and images used. These are 3x3 puzzles, so there are 12 terms used per puzzle.

**Puzzle #1 and #2 do overlap a little to ensure all terms could be used.**


  • Science centers, stations, or rotations
  • Review
  • Early or fast finishers
  • Enrichment
  • GATE (gifted and talented education)
  • Worksheet alternatives
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Student, partner, or small group collaboration
  • Test prep

Just print and quickly cut on the lines and you have instant animal cell science learning centers that make skill practice fun and engaging for upper elementary, middle, or high school kids.

Thank you for your interest! Please ask any questions you may have prior to purchasing.

~Heather aka HoJo~

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