Digital Calendar Time for use with Google Slides

Calendar time can be such an enriching part of a young child's day - whether at school or home. Since I am now in the world of homeschooling mom (thanks, coronavirus!), I wanted to create something my kids and I could do together each day. That's where this digital Calendar Time activity came from!

This download would be best for preschool, Kindergarten, or 1st grade. But please look at the options below to see if it will work well for the students you have in mind.

This digital download is compatible with Google Slides®. Please note that you are NOT expected to use every slide. Rather you should choose the slides that make the most sense for the child/ren in front of you. Some days may look different than others, and that's ok!

This download is NOT ideal for use on phones. Students need to drag and drop the various clipart pieces and type. This is hard to do on a small device. My five-year-old does best using my touchpad computer. I've also learned that he needs a LOT more practice with using a keypad, so this resource may not be ideal for students with fine motor deficits.

Do NOT put the slides in "Share" mode - just leave it as is. :)

Here are the Calendar Time options in Google Slides® -

  • Two Calendar Options (one starting with Sunday and another with Monday) - Students drag the days, month, and year
  • Type Today's Date
  • Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (students drag the days of the week)
  • # Day of School (great for those who want to count how many days school has been in session)
  • Circle the Correct Season
  • What's the Weather? (type or drag the clipart)
  • 7 pattern options and 1 blank for you to create your own
  • Number of the Day - type out the number, move the correct number of counters, even/odd, type different ways to make this number, groups of tens and ones, drags the hundreds/tens/ones, drag the tally marks,
  • Comparing Numbers (various clipart options to drag after you type the numbers)
  • 2D Shapes
  • 3D Shapes
  • Songs for Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, and Dollar
  • Today's Number in Money Form (written and drag the clipart)
  • What Time Is It? (Choose from hour or half hour - digital & analog)
  • Days of the Week Song
  • Months of the Year Song
  • Count by 1st, 5s, and 10s

With purchase you get a six minute video walking through how to copy over the specific slides you want for your child/ren. As a teacher, you could send specific slides home with each child to differentiate, or a family member could purchase this and pick the most relevant slides to use.

This download can be used for -

  • individual students in their homes with families, summer school supplementing, or for homeschool
  • groups of students to follow along while activities are completed on a board in front of the room
  • small groups (RtI, math coaching, etc)
  • Special Education rooms

Please let me know if you have any questions before purchasing this for your preK, Kinder, or first grader.

Thanks for looking!

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