EDITABLE Seasonal Picture Writing Prompts BUNDLE

This download incudes four different picture writing prompts to be used throughout the year, with a total of 210 prompts included. This is a great way to engage elementary, middle school, or special education students with a quick, easy writing activity.

NO PREP REQUIRED! These make a great last minute download for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grade kids.

There is also an EDITABLE option included, so you can change the text and re-use the images with various prompts.

These files are meant to be downloaded and then projected on an overhead for the class. They are available in widescreen format, so please make sure that is appropriate for the device you are using before purchase.


  • 46 Fall Picture Writing Prompts
  • 72 Winter Picture Writing Prompts
  • 56 Spring Picture Writing Prompts
  • 36 Summer Picture Writing Prompts
  • Six writing response cards for students (in case you want a printable option)
  • EDITABLE options for all prompts

Please know this resource was made for the American teacher, based on American holidays and events. While it could be used by teachers in other countries, you may not find all the holidays and images applicable.


  • Writing centers, stations, or rotations
  • On days when you are short on time for a writing lesson
  • On days where students have lost focus and you still want to squeeze some writing in
  • When you want to take a break from a larger writing project, but need something engaging to fill the time
  • For students in special education or others who easily get overwhelmed by too many words or lengthy writing lessons

These picture writing prompts are based on seasonal events, majors holidays, some lesser known holidays, and more.

In my classroom I used our Interactive Writing Notebooks for students to record their responses. But I have also included six printable options for your needs.

There are NOT any rubrics included in this download. I would sometimes grade on completion, sometimes focus on a specific skill or goal (vocabulary or punctuation), and othertimes skip the grading. (Because I was laughing too hard at the student responses! Those days I called it a community building.)

Give these a try with second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, or eighth grade kids. You're sure to bring some fun into the day!

These also work great for special education teachers who want to give their students writing prompts without overwhelming them. Project one image, avoid overwhelm, and help your students find success in the writing process!

Thanks for looking!


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