EDITABLE Picture Writing Prompts BUNDLE

Here you'll find 385 editable picture writing prompts you can use at any time of year in elementary, middle school, or for special education classrooms. This means you can use two prompts a day for an average school year.


  • 50 "Caption This!" Picture Writing Prompts (includes Google Slides option!)
  • 150 Picture Writing Prompts {Set 1} (includes Google Slides option!)
  • 170 Picture Writing Prompts {Set 2} (includes Google Slides option!)
  • 15 additional FREE Picture Writing Prompts
  • seven different response sheets

Each of the 385 prompts above are provided in a PDF format and as a PowerPoint file where you can edit the text. The "Caption This!", 150 prompts, and 170 prompts files are also available in a format compatible with Google Slides. Please make sure you have the appropriate programs before buying.


  • Writing centers, stations, or rotations
  • Review or introduction of various writing skills (quotations marks, dialogue, & more)
  • On days when you are short on time for a writing lesson
  • On days where students have lost focus and you still want to squeeze some writing in
  • As morning work to help your students settle and focus to start the day
  • In the special education classroom where too many words or images can overwhelm
  • These also could work for Virtual Learning, eLearning, Distant Learning (or Distance Education), e-learning, Online Learning, or Remote Learning situations

In my classroom I used our Interactive Writing Notebooks for students to record their responses. But I have also included seven printable options for your needs. The three half sheets are the same, but the line spacing is different. There is also a full size response sheet.

There are NOT any rubrics included in this download. I would sometimes grade on completion, sometimes focus on a specific skill or goal (vocabulary or punctuation), and othertimes skip the grading. (Because I was laughing too hard at the student responses! Those days I called it a community building.)

Give these a try with your second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, or eighth grade classroom or homeschool students. You're sure to bring some fun into the day!

Thank you for your interest! Please ask any questions you may have prior to downloading.

~Heather aka HoJo~

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