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2nd & 3rd GRADE Social Distancing Classroom BUNDLE

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2nd and 3rd Grade Bundle: This bundle focuses on end of the year 1st grade and 2nd grade skills which makes it perfect for beginning of the year 2nd and 3rd grade classes. This is also great for 1st Grade and 2nd Grade use ALL YEAR LONG!

We all know most students lose some of their academic skills over the summer. But this year has been worse due to the COVID 19 pandemic and a spring semester cut short. The COVID SLIDE is a very real thing! But we can help minimize its effects with some simple intentional steps as we start the new school year.

That’s why we created this bundle - to give you a variety of fun and engaging resources designed to start the year with an engaging review of skills. Teachers and families going back to school can help catch students up! Review the basics of the previous grade level quickly and easily with these bundles.

Here three veteran teachers created one helpful bundle for families to use with their child over the summer. Read on to see all the great activities for practicing reading, writing, and math.


Here is all the greatness included in the download, sorted by topic -


  • 1st Grade Sight Word Pages
  • 2nd Grade Sight Word Pages
  • Reading Questions Bookmark
  • 1st Grade Playdough Sight Word Mats
  • 2nd Grade Playdough Sight Word Mats


  • Just Add Words - Picture Writing Prompts
  • Literacy Printables Packet


  • Addition Puzzles
  • Subtraction Puzzles
  • 1st Grade Math Review
  • 2nd Grade Math Review
  • Telling Time to Five Minutes Puzzles
  • Digital Daily Math

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