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100th Day of School Shopping Spree

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This 100th Day of School Shopping Spree is a great activity to celebrate Day 100 in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade while focusing on money.

The puzzle is a PDF download. You will NOT be able to edit or modify the apples.


  • Three student pages
  • One teacher direction page (with teaching tips and enrichment options!)


  • 100th Day of school money practice
  • Money review


  • Bring in magazine or store ads or ask student to (you can also ask them to go online and find prices digitally)
  • Make copies


  • Give each student their sheet.
  • Tell them they have a $100 budget.
  • Students cut out the items they want to buy (including the price!) and paste them onto their worksheet.
  • Students can also use the "concession stand" to reach exactly $100 in their spending. This sheet can be given to each student or projected for paper saving and whole-group use.
  • Ask students to keep a running list of the money spent. Shopping until they reach exactly $100.

This download is great for a last minute, NO PREP download with first, second, third, or fourth graders who need more money skills.

Thank you for your interest! Please ask any questions you may have prior to purchasing.

~Heather aka HoJo~